plow [plou]
[ME ploh < Late OE, akin to Ger pflug, ON plógr < Gmc * plog- < native Alpine (Rhaetian) base > Langobardic plovum]
1. a farm implement used to cut, turn up, and break up the soil
2. any implement like this; specif.,
a) SNOWPLOW (sense 1)
b) any of various tools for cutting a groove or furrow
1. to cut and turn up (soil) with a plow
2. to make furrows in with or as with a plow
3. to make by or as if by plowing [to plow one's way through a crowd]
4. to cut a way through (water) [a ship plowing the waves]
5. to invest or spend (as money, capital, etc.): often with into [plowing all extra dollars into an IRA]
6. [Brit. Slang] to reject (a candidate) in an examination
1. to till the soil with a plow; use a plow
2. to take plowing as specified [a field that plows easily]
3. to cut a way (through water, snow, etc.)
4. to advance laboriously; plod
5. to begin work vigorously: with into
6. to collide forcefully: with into
7. [Brit. Slang] to fail in an examination
plow back
to reinvest (profits) in the same business enterprise
plow under
1. to bury (crops or vegetation) by plowing, so as to enrich the soil or in seeking to prevent overproduction
2. Informal to destroy; obliterate
plow up
1. to remove with a plow
2. to till (soil) thoroughly
the Plow Astron.
1. the constellation Ursa Major

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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